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GIS Meteo Avia software

Air-route and aeronautical weather forecasts, flight documentation

Meteorologist’s automated workstation

Solves the following tasks:
  • Receiving and decoding data
  • Preparation of flight documentation
  • Create of SIGWX phenomena maps according to BUFR-code
  • Mapping according to GRIB-code
  • Visualization of telegrams according to METAR, TAF, SPECI, SIGMET-codes
  • Data Visualization AIREP, AMDAR


GIS Meteo Avia software allows you to receive:

  • Current and forecast data on wind and temperature
  • Actual and expected special events along the air-route
  • Aerodrome forecasts
  • METAR, TAF, SPECI- reports and briefs for aerodromes
  • SIGMET, AMDAR, AIREP - reports and briefs along the air-route.


Meteorological charts and maps

Mapping of special phenomena according to BUFR-code for any area of the globe.


Changing the scale of the map without loss of quality


Map editing is executed in accordance to local weather conditions


Overlay map of any meteorological or aeronautical information.


GIS Meteo software was recommended by Met Office, UK, to work in WAFC / SADIS technology.