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GIS METEO Forecaster-analyst software

Short-term and medium-term forecasts

GIS METEO Forecaster-analyst software

Automated workstation of a forecaster solves the following tasks:

  • Analysis of surface and high-altitude weather maps
  • Forecast of formation, evolution and movement of pressure systems and fronts
  • Evaluation of the quality of forecasts from various sources
  • Medium-term forecasting for the specialized services in various industries
  • Verification of prognostic fields on the basis of synoptic and statistical data.


GIS Meteo Synoptics software allows you to forecast:

  • surface wind
  • surface air temperature
  • surface humidity
  • cloudiness
  • precipitation
  • fog and visibility
  • severe weather and natural disasters
  • fire hazard


The combination of mesoscale forecasting models, data of observation stations and of weather radars enables short-range forecasting of dangerous and adverse weather events (storms, hail, thunderstorms, gusts) with a time length of 4-6 hours.


Some features

CLIMAT code form

Data of code forms CLIMAT can be used for medium- and long-term forecasts.


Special application of GIS Meteo software allows you to assess the quality of forecasts from different sources


GIS Meteo software can work with the data of weather radars.